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Here's what we love this month on our Online Shop!


From Bourbonality™, comes an all-new original bourbon-themed dice set & game! The set features 5 beautiful custom-made wooden dice, each with six different bourbon tasting notes etched into the wood (for a total of 30 notes). From Oak to Caramel, Blackberry to Maple Syrup, Vanilla to Tobacco Leaf - we've chosen the 30 most popular tasting notes and divided them by category. These dice also feature the numbers 1-6, which make them an easy substitute for any set of traditional poker dice. Each set comes in a hemp drawstring bag.

The set comes with a list of multiple ways to play with the dice, but feel free to experiment and come up with your own! Send us your suggestions! Spice up your next party, host a boozy game night or challenge your own palette with the one-of-a-kind Bourbonality™ Bourbon Tasting Dice! Makes a great gift for any bourbon enthusiast!


Bring some elegance, class & fun to the party with a stunning hand-carved Bourbonality™ "Shut the Box" Game.

Our woodworker Bill crafts each box from walnut wood, sanding down the material until it attains a soft and smooth texture.

The box is then inlaid with a smooth "Vegas Bounce" velvet material featuring the Bourbonality™ logo.

Each set comes with a hemp drawstring bag of our Bourbonality™ Tasting Dice.


Let the good times roll with the Bourbonality™ Rustic Dice Shaker Cup Set! The cup features a leatherette (fake leather) exterior with "Bourbonality™" in gold & a black velvet lining with a snap closure at the bottom, where dice (included) can be stored.

Perfect for travel or a just a relaxing bourbon-filled evening, the Bourbonality™ Rustic Dice Cup Set comes with two options for dice:
The Classic Edition comes with 5 translucent red dice with white dots.
The Luxury Edition comes with 6 solid black dice with gold dots.

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