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The Bourbonalities

What does your Bourbonality say about you?

Find out below!

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Bold title.png

The world is your playground. You are feisty and energetic, always in motion, always ready for whatever comes next. You’re aggressively outgoing and never afraid of confrontation. But those who can keep up with you appreciate the way you push them out of their comfort zone. You’re fiercely individual, skeptical of authority, and willing to take risks. 

Classic title.png

You’re an old soul. You’ve seen it all and nothing surprises you anymore. You’re forward and direct, and sensitive folks often mistake your spiciness for irritability or pretension. Those who get to know you love your dry sense of humor and hidden sweet side. You prefer small gatherings of close friends to big mixers. Despite your curmudgeonly first impression, you’re actually quite down-to-earth and accessible. 

Distinct title.png

You’re a real original. You can be wild, unpredictable, and impulsive. You get itchy when someone talks to you about “the rules.” Your only rule is to be yourself and live your truth. You never plan too far ahead, but that’s okay because no matter what happens, you know how to roll with the punches. You never know where the night will take you, but you’re up for whatever! YOLO!

Enchanting title.png

You get joy by bringing other people joy. You’re helpful and polite, and will do anything to make a friend crack a smile. You surround yourself with people you like, and distance yourself from toxic influences. Still, you are a very private person and would rather not be the center of attention. You believe your mission in life is to make the world a better place. 

Free Spirited title.png

You’re still a kid at heart and always will be. You like trying new things, especially things that would scare most others. You love comedy and adventure, and will eat almost anything. Of course, you can be somber and serious when need be, but those times are rare. You’re a daydreamer and an optimist. Maybe you’ll mature with time, but then again, maybe maturity is overrated.

Innovative Title.png

You find life fascinating, and are intrigued by looking at things from different perspectives. You like taking calculated chances, not full-on risks. You’re not a big fan of routine or schedules, and would rather see where the day takes you. You’re an inventor and enjoy challenging yourself to come up with new ways to see the world. 

Smooth title.png

People often assume that everything comes easy to you, but it's really due to your hard work in building relationships with people. You’re not very excitable, and tend to keep a level head. You’re personable and outgoing, and have boundless energy and capacity for socializing. But that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy some alone time to relax and recharge.

straight-up title.png

You’re unpretentious, strong, and dependable. You prize consistency over risk-taking. You aren’t overwhelmingly sweet or spicy which might lead some people to write you off as dull. However, those who appreciate warmth and comfort with no drama will recognize your true value. You work well with others and you’re always available for a friend in need.

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